High Speed Optocouplers High speed photocoupler; 5pin SO6; RoHS; ; VDE

Sku: TT-MU-757-TLP2312(V4-TPL,E

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Description of product

High-Speed Photocouplers

Toshiba High-Speed Photocouplers consist of a high-output GaAℓAs light-emitting diode coupled with integrated high gain, high-speed photodetectors. Toshiba offers photocouplers compliant with various communication standards ranging from RS232 to those for factory networks. Many of these devices can operate from both 3.3V and 5V power supplies. Since these photocouplers can be used in mixed 3.3V/5V systems, common parts can be used across different product lines. Toshiba also offers an extensive lineup of photocouplers with an LED current as low as 1mA by leveraging the characteristics of high-power LEDs. These photocouplers can be directly driven by a microcontroller without an intervening buffer and help reduce system power consumption.