High Speed Optocouplers HI-SPD OPTOCPLR LSO5

High Speed Optocouplers HI-SPD OPTOCPLR LSO5

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RV1S9x60A High Speed Photocouplers

Renesas Electronics RV1S9x60A High Speed Photocouplers offer support for high-speed communication up to 15Mbps, with an extremely low threshold input current (IFHL) rating. These devices also feature high common mode rejection (noise tolerance) up to 50kV/µs min, to protect microcontrollers and other I/O logic circuits from high-voltage spikes while transferring high-speed signals. The RV1S9x60A Photocouplers are offers in a range of packages, with a small footprint for each reinforced isolation (up to 690Vrms), and minimum creepage distances of 4.2mm to 14.5mm to ensure safe operation.