High Speed Optocouplers 1MBd Optocoupler Single Channel

High Speed Optocouplers 1MBd Optocoupler Single Channel

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ACNU-250L High-Speed Optocouplers

Broadcom® ACNU-250L High-Speed Optocouplers are single-channel 1MBd optocouplers in an SSO8 footprint. These optocouplers are equipped with an insulating layer between the light-emitting diode and an integrated photon detector to provide electrical insulation between input and output. The separate connection for the photodiode bias and output transistor collector reduces the base-collector capacitance. This also enhances the data speed up to a hundred times compared to a conventional photo-transistor coupler. The ACNU-250L optocouplers feature open-collector output, high-insulation voltage of 1414Vpeak, a wide supply voltage range of 3V to 24V, 11mm creepage, and 10.5mm clearance. These optocouplers are ideal for isolated communication logic interface and control in high-voltage power systems, space-constrained industrial applications, renewable inverters, and medical equipment.