Heavy Duty Power Connectors MultiCat MP VRT HDR 20CKT KY A PCL 2.9mm

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MultiCat Mid-Power Connectors

Molex MultiCat Mid-Power Connector System with Precision-Machined Contacts provides 6.5A per contact with a contact resistance of ≤1mΩ for the high-power version and 10mΩ for the mid-power version. These contacts accommodate 20AWG to 28AWG wire and withstand at least 500 mating cycles. Molex MultiCat Mid-Power Connectors have a two-piece hermaphroditic backshell, connector position assurance (CPA) with visual indicator, and a solid mass contact to resist damage in blind-mate applications. These connectors can be mated quickly and are ideal for commercial aviation, industrial automation, commercial vehicles, and telecommunications.