Heavy Duty Power Connectors F+B 4/4 Hybrid with Ethernet Male Insert

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Han® F+B Food & Beverage Connectors

HARTING Han® F+B Food & Beverage Connectors are designed for the food industry and can be configured with 25 different inserts. Han F+B Connectors can be used to transfer data, signals, or power with contacts up to 40A. This HARTING series features easy to clean housing design optimized for the requirements and conditions found in the splash zone. This connector series provides greater flexibility to plan, modify, and clean modular systems in the food industry than previous fixed-cabling systems. Han F+B connector is designed with IP69K protection for the permanent, durable protection of the electric connections, also in scenarios involving daily high-pressure or steam cleaning. The plastic material used is PP plastic that is resistant to ECOLAB-certified cleaning agents and is FDA 21 approved.