Hardware Debuggers Debug Brick 1.2
Hardware Debuggers Debug Brick 1.2

Description of product


Tinkerforge Bricks are stackable microcontroller modules for sensing and controlling embedded application prototypes. These Bricks can be controlled by devices, such as embedded PCs, over their Mini-USB connector. Each 4cm x 4cm Brick performs one task. There are Bricks that perform complex sensor tasks, Bricks that communicate with other devices, Bricks that drive motors, and more. Tinkerforge Bricks can be assembled into stacks to combine functions. 

Bricks can also be connected to additional Tinkerforge modules, called Bricklets, via a short cable. Each Brick has up to four connectors for bricklets. Bricklets can be controlled over the USB connection of the connected brick.


With Tinkerforge Modules, applications can easily be designed by selecting the needed sensors, motor controllers, or interface blocks and snapping them together. Integrating the blocks into software is simple with the easy-to-use Application Programming Interface (API). No special knowledge of electronics or soldering is necessary.

The Tinkerforge modules can be controlled directly through USB from a PC or Raspberry Pi. The controlling software runs directly on the external PC, or it is also possible to control over Wi-Fi and Ethernet.