Honeywell SS41 Hall Effect bipolar sensor(SS41)

Description of product

SS41 - Low Gauss Bipolar Hall Effect Position Sesnors (Honeywell)

General Description
Hall-effect sensors accurately track extremely small changes in magnetic flux density—changes generally too small to operate Hall-effect switches.
As motion detectors, gear tooth sensors, and proximity detectors, they are magnetically driven mirrors of mechanical events. As sensitive monitors of electromagnets, they can effectively measure a system's performance with negligible system loading while providing isolation from contaminated and electrically noisy environments
Sensor Terminals        : Through Hole
Output Voltage Min       : 400mV
Supply Voltage Range DC : 4.5V to 24V
Output Configuration   : Sink
Switching Speed          : 1.5µs
Temperature Gauss
Range Max.Maz Op.Min Rel.Min Dif.
0 to 85°C 150 -150 50150-15050
-40 to 125°C 200 -200 40200-20030
-55 to 150°C 250 -250 30250-25030
25°C Typical 40 -40 8040-4080
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