GSM/GPRS Modem - Sim808 Modem

Description of product

Based on the latest SIMCOM SIM808 GSM/GPS module, this board offers cellular GSM and GPRS data along with GPS technology for satellite navigation.

The GPS receiver is incredibly sensitive with 22 tracking and 66 acquisition channels, and also supports assisted-GPS (A-GPS) for indoor localisation. The module is controlled by AT command via UART and supports 3.3V logical level. It comes with a mini GPS and GSM antenna.


Quad-band 850/900/1800/1900MHz - connect onto any global GSM network with any 2G SIM
Fully-integrated GPS (MT3336 chipset with -165 dBm tracking sensitivity) that can be controlled and query over the same serial port
Make and receive voice calls using a headset or an external 32Ω speaker + electret microphone
Send and receive SMS messages
Send and receive GPRS data (TCP/IP, HTTP, etc.)
PWM/Buzzer vibrational motor control
AT command interface with "auto baud" detection
GPS specifications:

22 tracking /66 acquisition channels
GPS L1 C/A code
Tracking: -165 dBm
Cold starts : -147 dBm
Cold starts: 30s (typ.)
Hot starts: 1s (typ.)
Warm starts: 28s (typ.)
Accuracy: Approx 2.5 meters