Grove - Temperature&Humidity Sensor (SHT31)
Grove - Temperature&Humidity Sensor (SHT31)

Description of product


When we are talking about environmental sensors, we always want it to be accurate, and also easy-to-use. Now, we’ve got a really fine sensor module that has both, the Grove - Temperature&Humidity Sensor (SHT31).

The SHT31 sensor could be the finest and highest-accuracy humidity sensor you can find, as it can acquire the relative humidity at only ±2% error. On the other side it  also features an excellent performance in terms of temperature measurement, you can use it in some extreme conditions, like -40 degree or 125 degree, and it still keeps an accuracy of ±0.3 degree.

If you are familiar with our Grove system, you should be aware of how easy it is to get started with such a module that has a GROVE prefix. We design it as a Grove module so you don’t need any bread-boarding, meshing or soldering to make it work.

If your development board is a Seeeduino, simply connect it to the I2C port and download a few line of code, then you are ready to roll!


  • High accuracy, ±0.3 °C accuracy for temperature and ±2% for humidity

  • Easy-to-use Grove Compatible Interface

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As the sensor is quite sensitive to the environmental conditions, please DO NOT touch it with your fingers as you might damage it.

Technical Details

Dimensions89mm x 140mm x 7.5mm
WeightG.W 4g    
Supply Voltage5V or 3.3V
Current Consumption100 uA
Temperature Measurement:
Range-40°C to 125°C
Humidity Accuracy±2%
Communication InterfaceI2C
Dimensions20mm x 40mm

Part List

Grove - Temperature&Humidity Sensor (SHT31)1
Grove Cable1