Grove - Light Sensor (P) v1.1

Description of product


Differs from the last version, the Grove - Light Sensor (P) v1.1 uses the LS06-S phototransistor as a replacement of the traditional Light Dependent Resistor (LDR) sensors. The LS06-S light sensor has much more linear analog output conforming to illuminance, which ranges from 0 to the supplying voltage (normally 5V). A value equals to the supplying voltage can be detected when it’s exposed to daylight, and it gives 0V when you covered it with your hand.


  • linear analog output conforming to illuminance

  • Low dark current and low working lux

  • Easy to use


  • Power supply: 3.3 - 5V DC

  • Phototransistor: LS06-S

  • Connector: 4 pin Buckled Grove interface

  • Dimension: 20mm*20mm