Grove Breakout for LinkIt 7697
Grove Breakout for LinkIt 7697

Description of product


Grove Breakout for LinkIt 7697 is a Grove port integrated and a feature expansion board for LinkIt 7697 development board. The onboard 2x14 pin female header allows you to plug LinkIt 7697 on the board easily. As a Grove breakout board,the 12 plug-and-play Grove socket will save a lot of work for quicker prototyping, especially for novices through simplified wiring procedure.

The grove breakout for LinkIt 7697 is the best expansion board to help a beginner get quick start with LinkIt 7697. We also created a Grove Start kit based on this breakout board.



  • Up to 12 Grove Sockets

  • Easy Mounting with 2x14 Pin Female Header

  • Debug Pin Header Supported

Interface Details

Debug Interfaces

SWD x1

Digital Interface


Analog Interface


I2C Interface

I2C x3

Technical details

Dimensions60mm x40mm x5mm
WeightG.W 21.5g