Grove - 8 Channel I2C Multiplexer/I2C Hub (TCA9548A)

Description of product


Grove - 8 Channel I2C Multiplexer/I2C Hub (TCA9548A) is more than just a superposition of port quantities. As we all know, I2C devices must use different addresses in the same bus system, even use the Grove I2C Hub (4 or 6 port), the rule is still the rule. However, with the help of  Grove - 8 Channel I2C Hub, you can plug up to 8 same-address I2C devices to the same Grove I2C system. All thanks to the TCA9548A I2C Multiplexer Chip. It adopts time-division multiplexing technology so that the same controller can control 8 I2C devices with the same address. No more worrying about address conflicts.   


  • 8 Grove I2C Port 
  • Support multiple devices with the same I2C address
  • Support 3.3V/5V System