Gate Drivers High-Side Switch with Current Limiting and High-Speed Features

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MAX14914, MAX14914A, & MAX14914B High-Side Switch

Maxim Integrated MAX14914, MAX14914A, and MAX14914B High-Side Switches are high-side/push-pull drivers that operate as both an industrial digital output (DO) and an industrial digital input (DI). The MAX14914 devices feature full IEC 61131-2 compliance in both their DO and DI modes of operation. The high-side switch current is resistor settable from 135mA (minimum) to 1.3A (minimum). The high-side driver's on-resistance is 120mΩ (typical) at 125°C ambient temperature. Optional push-pull operation allows driving of cables and fast discharge of load capacitance. The output voltage is monitored and indicated through the DOI_LVL pin for safety applications.