Gate Drivers Gate Drive Optocoupler

Gate Drivers Gate Drive Optocoupler

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ACPL-350J 3A Gate Driver Optocouplers

Broadcom ACPL-350J 3A Gate Driver Optocouplers with overcurrent sensing and FAULT signal exhibits high peak output current and wide operating voltage range. These optocouplers feature a fast propagation delay with excellent timing skew performance and a dual output drive to control turning on and off time. The ACPL-350J optocouplers provide IGBT/MOSFET with overcurrent protection and FAULT signal for external isolated feedback. These gate driver optocouplers operate from -40°C to 105°C  temperature range and come in a compact, surface-mountable SO-16 package. The ACPL-350J optocouplers provide reinforced insulation certified for safety regulatory IEC/EN/DIN, UL, and CSA. Typical applications include industrial drives and inverters, renewable energy inverters, and switching power supplies.