Gate Drivers DRIVER_IC

Gate Drivers DRIVER_IC

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EiceDRIVER™ Gate Driver ICs

Infineon EiceDRIVER™ Gate Driver ICs are designed for MOSFETs, IGBTs, SiC MOSFETs, and GaN HEMTs devices. EiceDRIVER™ gate drivers provide a wide range of typical output current options, from 0.1A up to 10A. These devices have robust gate drive protection features such as fast short-circuit protection (DESAT), active Miller clamp, shoot-through protection, fault, shutdown, and over current protection. These features make these driver ICs well-suited for both silicon and wide-bandgap power devices, including CoolGaN™, and CoolSiC™. That’s why Infineon offers more than 500 EiceDRIVER™ gate driver IC solutions suitable for any power switch, and any application.