Gate Drivers 8A 750V Reinforced 75kHz 260ns AEC-Q100

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Description of product

SID11xxKQ SCALE-iDrivers

Power Integrations SID11xxKQ SCALE-iDrivers are 8A single-channel gate drivers which provide reinforced galvanic isolation for automotive applications. These drivers offer 8A peak output drive current that drives IGBTs and MOSFETs up to 600A without any additional active components. The SID11xxKQ SCALE-iDrivers provide stable positive and negative voltages for gate control by one unipolar isolated voltage source. These drivers use integrated FluxlinkTM technology for safe isolation between primary-side and secondary-side. The SID11xxKQ SCALE-iDrivers are suitable for 600V/650V/1200V IGBT and MOSFET switches.