Gate Drivers 5-A/5-A, 3-k/5-kVRMS 1-channel isolated gate driver with 8-V/12-V UVLO, miller clamp or split out 8-SOIC -40 to 125

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UCC53x0/UCC53x0-Q1 Isolated Gate Drivers

Texas Instruments UCC53x0/UCC53x0-Q1 Single-Channel Isolated Gate Drivers designed for use with IGBT, SiC, and MOSFETs. These drivers come with superior isolation ratings and variants for pinout configuration and drive strength. The UCC53x0/UCC53x0-Q1 is available in an 8-pin SOIC (D) package. This package has a creepage and clearance of 4mm and can support isolation voltage up to 3kVRMS, which is good for applications where basic isolation is needed. With these various options and wide power range, the UCC53x0/UCC53x0-Q1 family is a good fit for motor drives and industrial power supplies. The UCC53x0S option provides a split output that can be used to control the rise and fall times of the driver. The UCC53x0M option connects the gate of the transistor to an internal clamp to prevent false turn-on caused by Miller current. The UCC53x0E option has its UVLO2 referenced to GND2, which facilitates bipolar supplies. The UCC53x0-Q1 devices are AEC-Q100 qualified for automotive applications.