Gate Drivers 3750 VRMS 1CH GATE DRIVER

Gate Drivers 3750 VRMS 1CH GATE DRIVER

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Automotive Gate Drivers

ROHM Semiconductor Automotive Gate Drivers are designed using a unique microfabrication process to build an on-chip coreless transformer. This technology results in compact, robust, and reliable isolated gate drivers that are optimized for use with SiC (Silicon Carbide) power MOSFETs, providing an optimized solution for power circuit designs in industrial and automotive applications. These devices feature a built-in active Miller Clamp function to prevent parasitic turn-on effects. Integrated Under-Voltage Lock-out (UVLO) protection reduces external component count and aids compliance with the requirements of industrial and automotive applications for augmented safety (e.g. in Automotive ASIL-level B/C/D or Industrial SIL2/3/4).