Gate Drivers 2.6-A, 110-V half bridge gate driver with enable and interlock 10-VSON -40 to 125

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LM5108 Half-Bridge Gate Driver

Texas Instruments LM5108 Half-Bridge Gate Driver is a high-frequency driver with maximum switch node (HS) voltage rating of 100V. It allows for two N-channel MOSFETs to be controlled in half-bridge configuration based topologies such as synchronous buck, full-bridge, active clamp forward, LLC, and synchronous boost. The device has an interlock functionality which, prevents both outputs from being high at the same time, in the case when both of the inputs are high. This interlock feature improves system robustness in motor drive and power tools applications. Enable and disable functionality allows for the flexible and fast control of the power stage. Battery-powered tools can also use the enable feature of the LM5108 to reduce the standby current as well as to respond to a system fault. The inputs are independent of supply voltage and can have an independent pulse width. This allows maximum control flexibility. Both inputs and enable have sufficient hysteresis to improve the system robustness in noise prone applications such as motor drives.