FRDM-K32L2B3 Freedom Development Board

Description of product


FRDM-K32L2B3 Freedom Development Board provides a platform for evaluation and development of K32 L2B Microcontrollers. The FRDM-K32L2B3 Board includes an onboard debug probe, segment LCD, 3D accelerometer + 3D magnetometer, a full speed USB port, and easy access to the K32 L2B MCU I/O pins. The FRDM-K32L2B3 Board is fully supported by the MCUXpresso suite of tools, which provides device drivers, middleware, application examples, configuration tools, and an optional free Integrated Development Environment (IDE).


  • Microcontroller
    • K32L2B311VLH0A MCU running at up to 48 MHz
    • 256 kB Flash Memory
    • 32 kB SRAM Memory
  • Connectivity
    • Full-speed USB port with micro A/B connector for device functionality
    • Easy Access to K32 L2B MCU I/O
  • Debug
    • OpenSDA debug interface
    • P & E Debug interface provides run-control debugging and compatibility with IDE tools
  • Sensors
    • NXP FXOS8700CQ 6-axis sensor with integrated linear accelerometer and magnetometer
  • Power Management
  • Expansion Options
    • Form factor compatible with Arduino® Rev3 pin layout
  • LCD
    • On-board segment LCD