FPGA - Field Programmable Gate Array XC7VX330T-2FFG1761I

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Virtex®-7 Field Programmable Gate Arrays

Xilinx Virtex®-7 Field Programmable Gate Arrays are devices enabled by stacked silicon interconnect (SSI) technology to address system requirements for applications. FPGAs are semiconductor devices that are based around a matrix of configurable logic blocks (CLBs) connected via programmable interconnects. Virtex-7 is used in applications such as 10G to 100G networking, portable radar, and ASIC Prototyping. Virtex-7 is among four FPGA families (Spartan-7, Artix-7, and Kintex-7 are the others). Virtex-7 devices also address system requirements ranging from small form factor, cost-sensitive, high-volume applications to ultra high-end connectivity bandwidth, logic capacity, and signal processing capability. Virtex-7 FPGAs are optimized for system performance and integration at 28nm with up to 96 advanced serial transceivers.