Flexible Monochrome eInk / ePaper Display

Flexible Monochrome eInk / ePaper Display

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Description of product


Adafruit Flexible Monochrome eInk ePaper Displays are high-contrast, low-power monochrome displays that simulate ink on paper, displaying black pixels on a whiteish background. These flexible display panels update in seconds, and once an image is displayed, it will stay even once you remove power. These eInk Displays are offered in 2.13" and 2.9" variants

Please note: this display is flexible but that doesn't mean it should be constantly flexed:

  • These displays should not be flexed/moved during a display update to decrease display errors
  • Continuously flexing it will eventually damage the display
  • There's no specification for how many times it can be flexed, so keep it minimal
  • It is recommended to mount the display to a stable backing to reduce stresses, such as a stiff curved bracelet to make a watch

The displays can be easily programmed using Adafruit's CircuitPython or Arduino libraries. An eInk/ePaper Breakout Board, such as the Adafruit E-Ink Breakout Friend, is also recommended.


  • Display resolution
    • 2.13" Display: 212 x 104
    • 2.9" Display: 296 x 128
  • Dimensions (excluding ribbon cable)
    • 2.13" Display: 60mm x 30mm x 0.2mm
    • 2.9" Display: 80mm x 37mm x 0.25mm
  • High contrast
  • High reflectance
  • Ultra-wide viewing angle
  • Ultra-low power consumption
  • Pure reflective mode
  • Bi-stable
  • Commercial temperature range
  • Landscape, portrait mode
  • Anti-glare front-surface
  • Low current deep sleep mode
  • On-chip display RAM
  • Waveform stored in on-chip OTP
  • Serial peripheral interface available
  • On-chip oscillator
  • On-chip booster and regulator control for generating VCOM, Gate, and source driving voltage
  • I2C Signal Master Interface to read external temperature sensors