Fingerprint click

Description of product


Fingerprint click is the simplest way to integrate biometric security to your design. The smallest optical touch fingerprint sensor in the world is featured on the click — GTS-511E2. The sensor takes a digital image of the fingerprint pattern using visible light.


Windows application

Fingerprint click carries an STM32 MCU for processing the images and forwarding them to an external MCU or PC. We created a Windows application that provides an interface so you can easily use the Fingerprint click. The following steps describe how the application works:

1. Place your finger on the sensor on the click.

2. Press the button in the bottom, left corner of the screen.

3. After you see the image of your fingerprint, press the button at the bottom, right corner of the screen to save the image. If you want to add more fingerprint images just repeat the process.

CMOS image sensor

A CMOS image sensor is the main component in most digital cameras today. Compared to a CCD sensor it has low power consumption and low dissipation.

To distinguish between 2D images and a real fingerprint the CMOS image sensor has a special lens and covering. Considering how dark it is when you press your finger to the lens, an LED illuminates it from one side, while the other side does the job of sending the image through the lens to the processor.


Adding security to your laptop, smartphone, briefcase, door, any device that needs personal authentication.


  • GTS-511E2 fingerprint sensor
    • VGA CMOS image sensor
    • Image resolution:
      • 860 DPI VGA
      • 430 DPI QVGA
  • Onboard STM32 MCU
  • Mini USB connector
  • Runs on 3.3V power supply