ESD Suppressors / TVS Diodes 7KW 24V 5%

ESD Suppressors / TVS Diodes 7KW 24V 5%

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XMC7K24CA XClampR™ TVS Diodes

Vishay General Semiconductor XMC7K24CA XClampR™ TVS Diodes offer high-temperature stability and high-reliability conditions. These bidirectional diodes feature XClampR extremely low clamping voltage, low leakage current, and 7000W peak pulse power (PPPM). The XMC7K24CA diodes operate at 24V maximum working stand-off voltage (VWM), -55°C to 175°C storage temperature range (TSTG), and 180A peak pulse current (IPPM). These diodes are used in sensitive electronics to protect against voltage transients on ICs, MOSFETs, signal lines of sensor units for consumers, computers, industrial, automotive, and telecommunication.