Equalisers 4-channel 16-Gbps linear redriver 40-WQFN 0 to 70

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SN75LVPE4410 PCI-Express Gen-4 Linear Redriver

Texas Instruments SN75LVPE4410 PCI-Express Gen-4 Linear Redriver is a four-channel, low-power, high-performance, linear repeater/redriver designed to support PCI Express (PCIe) Generation 1.0, 2.0, 3.0 and 4.0. The SN75LVPE4410 receivers deploy continuous-time linear equalizers (CTLE) to provide a programmable high-frequency boost. The equalizer can open an input eye that is completely closed due to inter-symbol interference (ISI) induced by an interconnect medium, such as PCB traces. The CTLE receiver is followed by a linear output driver. The linear data paths of SN75LVPE4410 preserve transmit preset signal characteristics. The linear redriver becomes part of the passive channel that, as a whole, gets the link trained for best transmit and receive equalization settings. This transparency in the link training protocol results in the best electrical link and lowest possible latency. The programmable equalization of the device, along with its linear datapaths, maximizes the flexibility of physical placement within the interconnect channel and improves overall channel performance. The programmable settings can be applied easily through software (SMBus or I2C) or by using pin control.