Equalisers 12G UHD-SDI Dual- Input Retiming EQ

Equalisers 12G UHD-SDI Dual- Input Retiming EQ

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GS12142 Adaptive Cable Equalizers

Semtech GS12142 Adaptive Cable Equalizers are low-power and multi-rate equalizers that support rates of up to 12G UHD-SDI, inclusive of 10GbE. These equalizers feature an integrated cable equalizer, trace equalizer, and trace driver. The cable equalizer equalizes and restores signals received over 80m coaxial cable at 12G, retimes the incoming data, and compensates for DC-content of SMPTE pathological signals. The GS12142's trace equalizer input receives 100Ω differential input signals and supports up to 17dB of insertion loss. These adaptive cable equalizers consist of an integrated eye monitor that provides non-disruptive mission mode analysis of the post equalized input signal.