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EQCO125x40 12.5Gbps Equalizers/Repeaters/Drivers

Microchip Technology EQCO125x40 12.5Gbps Equalizers/Repeaters/Drivers come in a single chip that repeats high-speed 8b/10b coded data signals with a downstream bit-rate between 1.25Gbps to 12.5Gbps. The EQCO125x40 uses the same chip at device (camera) and host (frame grabber) for asymmetric full-duplex communication. These devices can be used as stand-alone cable repeater with simultaneous power and also for downlink and uplink over a single cable. The high-speed direction (or downlink) has a simultaneous complementary uplink, operating at 20.833Mbps or 41.666Mbps 8b/10b coded signaling.