Emulators/Simulators XDS200 Emulators

Emulators/Simulators XDS200 Emulators

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Description of product


The Spectrum Digital XDS200 is the first model of the XDS200 family of debug probes (emulators) for TI processors. The XDS200 family features a balance of low cost with good performance between the super low cost XDS110 and the high performance XDS560v2, while supporting a wide variety of standards (IEEE1149.1, IEEE1149.7, SWD) in a single pod. Also, all XDS debug probes support Core and System Trace in all ARM and DSP processors that feature an Embedded Trace Buffer (ETB).  For Core Trace over pins the XDS560v2 PRO TRACE is required.

The Spectrum Digital XDS200 connects to the target board via a TI 20-pin connector (with multiple adapters for TI 14-pin, ARM 10-pin and ARM 20-pin) and to the host PC via USB2.0 High Speed (480Mbps).  

The Spectrum Digital XDS200 comes in a package consisting of:

  • XDS200 debug pod
  • TI 20-pin to TI 14-pin converter adapter
  • TI 20-pin to ARM 20-pin converter adapter
  • TI 20-pin to ARM 10-pin converter adapter
  • USB2.0 cable
  • Quick start guide