Embest EVK-AM5728 Evaluation Kit

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Description of product


Embest EVK-AM5728 Evaluation Kit is a tool aim to evaluate the performance and various functions of SOM-AM5728 CPU Module, it consists of the CPU Module & the baseboard BB-AM5728.

SOM-AM5728 is a powerful system-on-module based on TI’s Sitara AM5728 high performance processor. The ARM allows developers to keep control functions separate from other algorithms programmed on the DSPs and coprocessors. It is built to meet the intense processing needs of 3 major types of modern embedded applications: HMI, Industry 4.0(robots and smart factories) and multimedia, for more details please access the SOM-AM5728 CPU Module.

BB-AM5728 is a peripheral expansion board for SOM-AM572x. It give access to most of the peripherals on SOM-AM572x module, such as UART, CAN, I2C, GPMC, GPIO, ethernet, WiFi, Bluetooth, Mini-PCIE, RS485,  camera,  HDMI, MDIO, USB, LVDS and etc,.