UPC1185 H2 Dual-Channel Audio Power-Output Amplifier (Equ. NTE1293)

Description of product

UPC1185 : High performance Dual Channel Stereo Audio Amplifier [UPC1185 NTE Equivalent NTE1293 IC-DUAL AF PWR AMP]

General Description
The UPC1185 is a dual audio power amplifier in a 12–Lead SIP type package specifically designed for car stereo applications. This device provides an output power of 7W/Ch to a 4Ω load with 10% THD at 14.4V power supply.
  • Very Low Number of External Components Required
  • Easy Mounting with No Electrical Isolation Between the Package and Heat Sink
  • Very Low Transient Noise at Power Switch–On
  • No Damage for Reverse Insertion on the PC Board
  • Thermal Shut–Down Circuit Included
  • Load Dump Protection Circuit Included


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