BTA06 6A 600V triac - bta06

Description of product

BTA-06 6A 600V TRIAC

Available either in through-hole or surface-mount packages, the BTA/BTB06 and T06 triac series is suitable for general purpose AC switching. They can be used as an ON/OFF function in applications such as static relays, heating regulation, induction motor starting circuits... or for phase control operation in light dimmers, motor speed controllers.

  • Gate Turn-On Voltage (Vgt): 1.5V
  • Peak Off-State Voltage(Vdrm): 600V
  • On-State Current (It): 6.0A
  • Gate Current (Igt): 10mA
  • Typical Voltage Change over Time (dV/dT): 10V/µs

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