EasyMech Warrior Chassis

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EasyMech Warrior Chassis is also known as Johnson motor chassis which are very fewer; some chassis are available but they are not that much flexibility in design. Hence EasyMech Provides you a great “EasyMech Warrior chassis ” which is Johnson motor compatible and most importantly is known for Flexibility and roughness.

This Warrior chassis designed for an indoor and outdoor operation for which requirement of great ground clearance and faster maneuverability. The Warrior chassis is shock resistant chassis, and compact design ensures its better survivability in any kind of environment.

EasyMech Warrior Chassis is a simple yet versatile robot chassis design specifically for students and hobbyists. Featuring a heavy-duty Powder coated 1mm MS chassis designed with large internal volume, numerous holes, and mounting points, providing plenty of space to carry a PCB board and any additional components that you choose.

Note: This EasyMech Warrior Chassis is only compatible with Johnson Geared Motors, to buy them click below

Johnson Geared Motor 

Features :

  1. The UNO Compatible design.
  2. L298N Motor Driver Compatible Design.
  3. The main purpose of Johnson Motor chassis.
  4. Flexible and shock-resistant design.
  5. The Compact and Attractive Design.
  6. Wireless or Wired operated Chassis.

Package Includes :

1 x Warrior Chassis.

1 x Allen Key

12 x Chassis Mounting Allen Nut Bolt.

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