EasyMech MG995 Robot Gripper for Robotic Arm

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Description of product


EasyMech MG995 Robot Servo Gripper is a simple and durable robotics gripper arm kit that is great for “getting a grip” on pretty much any robotics project! Designed for use with MG995 servo motor.

This gripper kit from EasyMech is made up of heavy duty ABS plastic. It is easy to assemble and requires only a Phillips Head Screwdriver. This gripper is capable of opening, in a parallel motion, 8cm wide max, has an overall jaw dimension of 5cm long by 6 cm which offers good object picking up to 7cm wide.

This kit comes with an Arm motor holding body

For more detailed product dimension go through the schematic drawing sheet in the attachments

Watch Assembly Video Click Here

Note: This kit does NOT include a servo motor. Check the Recommended Products section below to add MG995 Servo to your cart.


  1. Mini servo robotic gripper for pick place robot / robotic arm
  2. Very lightweight and Strong ABS  Material
  3. Direct drive from servo shaft no gears for fine response
  4. Fitting holes for easy mounting

Package Includes:

1 x EasyMech MG995 Robot Gripper for Robotic Arm Kit