E3D Nema17 Compact Powerful Motor

Description of product


This motor is lighter and shorter than a typical NEMA17 motor, however, it produces almost as much torque. It is suitable for driving geared or direct extruders and is used on our Titan extruder. It is also suitable for printer axes, provided they are light-duty, eg: a dual leadscrew Z axis that uses 2 motors. The package also comes with a 3D printed bracket to help you mount a Titan extruder onto your 3D printer.

Ultra-Slim NEMA17 Stepper Motors for use with your Titan extruder. Only 40mm body length produces high torque, these motors make an excellent choice for use on your extruder.

These motors have been custom made for use with our Titan and Titan Aero extruders, striking the perfect balance of size, weight, torque, and shaft. They arrive supplied with a pluggable cable 1000mm in length.


  1. EMA 17.
  2. 0.9° Step Angle.
  3. 400 Steps Per Revolution.