DRV8876EVM Driver Evaluation Module (EVM)

DRV8876EVM Driver Evaluation Module (EVM)


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Texas Instruments DRV8876EVM Driver Evaluation Module (EVM) allows for easy evaluation of the DRV8876. The DRV8876 is an integrated H-bridge driver for brushed DC and solenoid applications. The evaluation module allows the device to be configured for PWM, phase/enable, or independent half-bridge control modes. It includes an MSP430™ microcontroller that is preprogrammed to take input from two dedicated analog potentiometers for PWM speed control of one or two brushed DC motors. The jumper on the PMODE pin allows the user to select from the input modes of PH/EN (GND), PWM (3.3V), and independent half-bridge control (Hi-Z). Power can be provided externally up to 37V through the power header.


  • 4.5V to 37V operating voltage range
  • 3.5A peak current
  • Configurable control modes including PH/EN, PWM, and independent half-bridge
  • Integrated current sense and current regulation