DP83TC811EVM Transceiver Evaluation Module

Description of product


Texas Instruments DP83TC811EVM Transceiver Evaluation Module (EVM) is IEEE 802.3bw compliant, supporting 100BASE-T1. The DP83TC811R and DP83822H are configured in RGMII back-to-back, allowing a seamless media conversion from 100BASE-T1 to 100BASE-TX. This design has been tested and validated at UNH for 100BASE-T1 compliance. The DP83TC811EVM includes an MSP430F5529 with the USB-2-MDIO tool preloaded for DP83TC811R and DP83822H register access. External power supplies can be connected to each specified voltage rail for additional system evaluation.


  • 100BASE-T1 compliance
  • Media conversion from 100BASE-T1 to 100BASE-TX
  • Onboard MSP430F5529 with USB-2-MDIO for register accessSupports interoperability testing, compliance testing, and BER testing