Distance Sensor 4m (Qwiic) - VL53L1X

Description of product

The VL53L1X is the latest Time Of Flight (ToF) sensor to be released. It uses a VCSEL (vertical cavity surface emitting laser) to emit a class 1 IR laser and time the reflection to the target. What does all this mean? You can measure the distance to an object up to 4 meters away with millimeter resolution! That’s pretty incredible.

We’re far from done: The VL53L1X is a highly complex sensor with a multitude of options and configurations. We’ve written example sketches that allow you to read the distance, signal rate, and range status. Because ST has chosen not to release a complete datasheet we are forced to reverse engineer the interface from their example code and I2C data stream captures. If you’re into puzzles we could use your help to make the library better!

We’ve found the precision of the sensor to be 1mm but the accuracy is around +/-5mm.