Display Modules 2.4", 240x320 pixels Slim Display Module
Display Modules 2.4", 240x320 pixels Slim Display Module

Description of product


4D Systems gen4 Series Integrated Display Modules are designed specifically for ease of integration and use, with careful consideration for space requirements and functionality. The gen4 Series includes a variety of sizes from small 2.4" modules up to 7.0" modules. Touch options include non-touch, non-touch with Cover Lens Bezel (CLB), Resistive Touch and Capacitive Touch with Cover Lens Bezel. They are powered by the well-known 4D Systems Diablo16 (D) and PICASO (P) Graphics Processors, which offer an array of functionality and options for any Designer / Integrator / User. 

The gen4 Series is 100% compatible with the Workshop4 IDE and its 4 different development environments, providing the User with a wealth of options for programming and controlling their system. The gen4 series of Integrated Display Modules features a 30 pin ZIF socket, designed for a 30 pin FPC cable, for easy and simple connection to an application or motherboard, or for connecting to accessory boards for a range of functionality advancements. 

The gen4 series of modules has been designed to minimize the impact of display-related circuitry and provide a platform suitable for integration into a product. Application boards can sit flush on the back of the gen4 if required, as the display related electronics sit inside the plastic mounting base, leaving the application board surface clear for User circuitry.

  • Sleek and slim design
  • Easily mounts to any application housing
  • Compatible with workshop4 IDE
  • Embedded GUI