Display Drivers & Controllers Automotive 4-Channel TFT-LCD Power Supply with VCOM Buffer

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Description of product

MAX25220/1/1B Automotive 4-Ch TFT-LCD Power ICs

Maxim Integrated MAX25220/MAX25221/MAX25221B Automotive 4-Channel TFT-LCD Power ICs provide symmetrical positive AVDD and negative NAVDD supplies as well as VGON and VGOFF gate supplies. The MAX25221 and MAX25221B also integrates a VCOM buffer with an output voltage range above and below ground and a temperature measurement block. Both devices contain non-volatile memory so that the values of all outputs can be calibrated for the lifetime of the device, with a maximum of five calibrations. Programming is carried out using the built-in I2C interface, which can also be used to read back diagnostic information. A stand-alone mode is also available.