Digital Signal Processors & Controllers - DSP, DSC 32-bit DSC, 56800EX core, 256KB Flash, 100MHz, LQFP80

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MC56F8xx 32-Bit Digital Signal Controllers

NXP Semiconductors MC56F8xx 32-Bit Digital Signal Controllers (DSCs) are based on the 32-bit 56800EX core. The 56800EX core offers multiple features that include three internal address buses, four internal data buses, 32-bit data accesses, and 20 addressing modes. The MC56F8xx 32-bit DSCs combine the processing power of a DSP and the functionality of an MCU on a single chip. These digital signal controllers feature on-chip memory, PWMs and timers, communication interfaces, security, integrity, and clocks. The MC56F8xx 32-bit DSCs provide a flexible set of peripherals to support applications like industrial control, home appliances, smart sensors, and wireless charging.