Digital Signal Processors & Controllers - DSP, DSC 16 Bit DSC, 64KB Flash, 8KB RAM, 100MHz, 48Pin, 3 OpAmp, 1 Comp, PTG

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Description of product

dsPIC33CK 16-Bit Digital Signal Controllers

Microchip Technology dsPIC33CK 16-Bit Digital Signal Controllers (DSCs) are designed to integrate control attributes of MCUs with computation capabilities of DSPs in a single core. These dsPIC33CK DSCs feature 16-bit CPU, high-resolution PWM, CAN Flexible Data (CAN FD), internal oscillator, low-power management modes, high-speed ADC module, and debugger development support. The 16-bit CPU has a modified Harvard architecture with an enhanced instruction set and support for Digital Signal Processing (DSP). The dsPIC33CK DSCs have internal flash program memory which is readable, writable, and erasable during normal operation over the entire VDD range. The flash program memory stores and executes application code.