Development Boards & Kits - AVR AVR-IOT WG Evaluation Board
Development Boards & Kits - AVR AVR-IOT WG Evaluation Board

Description of product


  • ATECC608A CryptoAuthentication
    • 1mA typical operating current
    • Protected storage for 16 keys
    • Ephemeral key generation and key agreement in SRAM
    • Encryption/authentication for messages to prevent on-board attacks
    • Supported Algorithms
      • Elliptic Curve Diffie-Hellman (ECDH)
      • SHA-256
      • Elliptic Curve Digital Signature Algorithm (ECDSA)
      • AES-128 ECB/GCM
  • MCP9808 Digital Temperature Sensor
    • 0.25°C typical accuracy
    • -40°C to +125°C operating range
    • Configurable temperature window limit
    • Configurable critical temperature limit
    • Configurable measurement resolution: 0.5°C, 0.25°C, 0.125°C, 0.0625°C
  • TEMT6000 Ambient Light Sensor
    • Range of spectral bandwidth: 440nm to 800nm
    • Peak sensitivity: 570nm 
    • Angle of half sensitivity: ±60°
    • Adapted to human eye responsivity
  • MIC33050 Voltage Regulator
    • 600 mA PWM control scheme
    • HyperLight Load®
    • Input voltage range: 2.7V to 5.5V
    • Adjustable output voltage: 1.0V, 1.2V, 1.8V, 3.3V
    • Typical quiescent current draw of 20µA
    • >85% efficiency at 1mA
  • MCP73871 Battery Charge Management Controller
    • Preset charge voltage options: 4.10V, 4.20V, 4.35V, 4.40V
    • Complete linear charge management controller
    • Charge safety timers
    • Temperature monitor
    • Integrated current sense
    • Low Battery status indicator (LBO)
    • Power-Good status indicator (PG)
  • mikroBUS™ footprint for MikroElektronika Click boards
  • 4x status LEDs (Wi-Fi, CONN, DATA, ERROR)
  • USB power, debugging, and UART communication
  • Drag-and-drop programmer