DC MOTOR 4 click

Description of product

DC MOTOR 4 click is capable of driving motors with a supply voltage from 4.5V to 36V. It carries the MAX14870 motor driver from Maxim Integrated. The click is designed to run on either 3.3V or 5V power supply. DC MOTOR 4 click communicates with the target MCU over the following pins on the mikroBUS™ line: PWM, AN, CS, and INT.

The J2 jumper onboard the click is used for selecting a power supply - either the onboard 5V or the external DC motor power supply input.

DC MOTOR 4 click can be used to driving DC motors, controlling the motor's speed, the direction of the rotation, as well to brake and regulate the current.

MAX14870 driver features

The MAX14870 motor driver offers a small, low power solution for driving and controlling brushed DC motors and relays with voltages between 4.5V and 36V.

Very low driver on-resistance reduces power dissipation. It features a charge-pump-less design for reduced external components and low supply current.

How the click works

There are two onboard screw terminals - one is for connecting the DC motor, and the other one is for connecting an external source if necessary. The DC motor is controlled through PWM, CS and AN pin of the click board.


On-board modulesMAX14870 motor driver
Key FeaturesThe click is capable of driving motors between 4.5V and 36V
Input Voltage3.3V or 5V
Click board sizeM (42.9 x 25.4 mm)


 mikroBUS™ Standard specification 

 MAX14870 datasheet

 DC MOTOR 4 click schematic

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