Cytron G15 Shield

Cytron G15 Shield

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Description of product


Cytron G15 Shield is a shield for controlling Cytron’s G15 Cube Servo and servo motor. It is compatible with Arduino UNO, Arduino Duemilanove, Arduino Mega, Arduino Leonardo and possibly another pin compatible mainboards.

This is the v2.0 of Cytron G15 Shield which includes some of the advantages over the Cytron G15 v1.0 Shield.

Difference between Cytron G15 Motor Driver Shield v1.0 and v2.0 - ROBU.IN

This shield has four ports for Cytron’s G15 Cube Servo. G15 is the serial servo. Hence more than one servo can be daisy-chained in series. The user may choose to supply the servo motor from Arduino‘s VIN or the External Power port of Cytron G15 Shield. It also has stackable side headers which allow other Arduino shields to be stacked on top of it.


  1. Arduino reset button
  2. 4 x G15 Cube Servo ports.
  3. External power port for a servo with polarity protection
  4. Stackable I/O header pin
  5. Selectable digital pins for the control pin with mini jumpers
  6. TX and RX indicator LEDs to show communication activities, only on Rev2.0.
  7. Selectable Serial pins, Either hardware serial or software serial via mini jumpers, only on Rev2.0
  8. 2 LEDs as logic and servo power indicators