Cytron Easy MP3 Shield

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Description of product


Cytron Easy MP3 Shield is an Arduino compatible shield which is compatible with UNO, ARM, Arduino Mega and possibly other pins compatible mainboards. Easy MP3 Shield offers a high-quality audio solution with the ability to decode and play MP3 audio files from microSD card.

Cytron Easy MP3 Shield has stackable side headers which allow more Arduino shield to be stacked on top of it. A user can stack for example LCD Keypad Shield or Graphic LCD Shield and utilize it as a control panel for ezMP3 Shield.

It has the onboard MicroSD socket for microSD card with MP3 files. Cytron ezMP3 Shield has also on board 2 channel differential amplifier for direct drive of external loudspeakers.

On top of its many features, we like it because of the MP3 decoder access the MP3 files directly on the microSD card, free up the Arduino processor for other tasks while MP3 file is being played. Awesome!


  1. Onboard high-quality MP3 decoder.
  2. Onboard dual channel/Stereo 3W differential audio amplifier for an external speaker.
  3. A MicroSD status LED.
  4. Onboard stereo 3.5mm audio jack socket for earphones.
  5. Onboard microSD socket for MP3 audio files storage.
  6. The interface from Arduino, UART, selectable to use soft serial.
  7. Jumper selectors to select different  Control pins.
  8. Stackable side headers.