Cytron 10A Dual Channel DC Motor Driver Shield for Arduino Uno

Description of product


The Cytron 10A Dual Channel DC Motor Driver Shield for Arduino Uno is a 2-channel high power motor driver shield. It is able to control two brushed DC motors or single bipolar/unipolar stepper motor from 7 V to 30 V. This motor driver shield is capable of supporting 10A per channel.

The shield has onboard motor output LED and Test buttons which allow testing of diver shield in a quick and efficient way. The shield has onboard Buck regulator to provide 5V supply to Arduino Uno. The motor driver is operated by PWM and DIR pins.

Note: Power input does not have reverse-voltage protection. Connecting the battery in reverse polarity will damage the motor driver instantaneously.

Applications :
  1. Mobile Robot,
  2. Automated Guided Vehicle (AGV),
  3. Solar Tracker,
  4. Game Simulator,
  5. Automation Machine.


  1. This Shield is for Arduino Uno.
  2. Bidirectional control for two brushed DC motor.
  3. Control one unipolar/bipolar stepper motor.
  4. Buck regulator to produce 5V output (500mA max).
  5. Buttons for quick testing.
  6. LEDs for motor output state.
  7. Selectable Arduino pins for PWM/DIR inputs.
  8. PWM frequency up to 20kHz (Output frequency is same as input frequency).
  9. Overcurrent protection with active current limiting.
  10. Temperature protection.
  11. Undervoltage shutdown.
  12. Weight: 37 gm.
  13. Dimensions: 8.3 x 5.9 x 1.26 cm.