CYBT-213043-MESH - Evaluation kit, CYBT-21304 Bluetooth Module, Mesh Network. SIG Mesh, IoT

Description of product


EZ-BT Mesh evaluation kit enables the evaluation of SIG mesh functionality using the EZ-BT Bluetooth 5.0-qualified module CYBT-213043-02. The CYBT-213043-02, EZ-BT module is an integrated, fully-certified, programmable dual-mode Bluetooth (BLE/BR/EDR) module with BLE mesh support designed to reduce time-to-market.
  • CYBT-213043-02 certified module based on CYW20819
  • Thermistor, Ambient Light Sensor (ALS) and PIR motion sensor
  • User switch and RGB LED
  • Power measurement jumper
  • Option to select between USB power and coin-cell as power source
  • On-board programmer and USB-UART bridge