Current Sense Amplifiers 26V, 350kHz, bi-directional, high-precision current sense amplifier in ultra small (sot-563) package 6-SOT-5X3 -40 to 125

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Description of product

INA185 Current Sense Amplifier

Texas Instruments INA185 Current Sense Amplifier is designed for use in cost-sensitive space-constrained applications. This device is a bidirectional, current-sense amplifier (also called a current-shunt monitor). The INA185 senses voltage drop across a current-sense resistor at common-mode voltages from –0.2V to +26V, independent of the supply voltage. The INA185 integrates a matched resistor gain network in four fixed-gain device options: 20V/V, 50V/V, 100V/V, or 200V/V. This matched gain resistor network minimises gain error and reduces the temperature drift.