Current & Power Monitors & Regulators Quad Channel Camera Protector

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MAX2008x Camera Power Protect ICs

Maxim Integrated MAX2008x Camera Power Protect ICs are dual/quad camera protector ICs that deliver up to 600mA load current to each of the four output channels. These ICs operate from a 3V to 5.5V supply with 3V to 15V camera supply and an input-to-output voltage drop that is 110mA (Typical) at 300mA. The MAX2008x ICs offer an enable input and I2C interface to read the diagnostic status of the device. The ICs feature an onboard ADC that enables reading of the current through each switch. The MAX2008x camera power ICs include overtemperature shutdown and overcurrent limiting on each output channel separately. The ideal application for the power protect ICs are power-over-coax for radar and camera modules.