CSR8645 4.0 Low Power Bluetooth Audio Amplifier Support APTX Lossless Compression

CSR8645 4.0 Low Power Bluetooth Audio Amplifier Support APTX Lossless Compression

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Description of product


This Bluetooth Audio Module based on the CSR8645, it is an Intelligent wireless audio data transmission product, low price, and high-efficiency stereo wireless transmission. With this module, you will easy to make your muse wireless transmission, mainly used for short distance transmission of music, you can easily and Bluetooth laptop, cell phone, PDA and other digital products connected devices, wireless transmission of music.

The module uses a driver-free way, customers just need to block access to applications, you can quickly and easily implement wireless transmission of music, enjoy wireless music fun.

It has a total of 6 function keys which is  POWER-EN, PLAY, VOL+, VOL-, PREV, NEXT.
The key function is introduced as follows:
  1. POWER-EN: the switch control module when the switch, the toggle switch, when the POWER-EN is connected toBAT, module startup; When POWER-EN disconnect BAT, module shutdown, usually used when battery power. Adopting the module electrically powered, only the 10K POWER-EN series resistor connected to BAT, can realize the module electrically powered, usually used in the external power supply.
  2. PLAY: Play/Pause (short press), with the hang up (by a long, time slightly longer), repairing (long press)
  3. VOL+: Volume plus
  4. VOL-: the volume Minus
  5. PREV: To the Previous Track
  6. NEXT: To the Next Track
  1. Improved Audio Quality.
  2. Music Enhancements.
  3. Bluetooth V4.0
  4. Power supply: 3.3-4.2V
  5. Working current:≤30mA

Bluetooth Profiles:

  1. Bluetooth v4.0 specification support
  2. HFP v1.6 wideband speech (HD voice ready)
  3. HSP v1.2
  4. A2DP v1.2
  5. AVRCP v1.4
  6. Support for smartphone applications (apps)

Improved Audio Quality:

  1. 2-mic far-end audio enhancements
  2. Near-end audio enhancements (noise suppression and AEQ)
  3. Wind noise reduction
  4. Packet loss concealment
  5. Bit error concealment
  6. Automatic gain control and automatic volume control
  7. Frequency expansion for improved speech intelligibility
  8. mSBC codec support for wideband speech

Music Enhancements:

  1. Configurable 5-band EQ for music playback (rock, pop, classical, jazz, dance etc)
  2. APTX, SBC, MP3, AAC, and Faststream decoder
  3. Stereo widening (S3D)
  4. Volume Boost Additional Functionality Additional Functionality
  5. Support for voice recognition
  6. Support for multi-language programmable audio prompts
  7. CSR’s proximity pairing and CSR’s proximity connection
  8. Multipoint support for HFP connection to 2 handsets for voice
  9. Multipoint support for A2DP connection to 2 A2DP sources for music playback
  10. Talk-time extension.